Posted by: glandorescilly | 04/08/2011

Painting Holiday plans take a BIG leap forward!

Since we already had a list of about a dozen people who had expressed an interest in painting holidays over the last year or so, we wrote or emailed them the details and rough schedule. We provisionally put aside the week Friday 2nd to Friday 9th March 2012 as the Painting Week but, if demand was high enough, we would consider doing a second week running from Monday 12th to Monday 19th March 2012. That would give us a weekend in between to recover and regroup!

We’ve joined forces with Chris Garratt of Garratt Studio who will be offering two morning of oil painting tuition and advice. Steve will be doing three mornings of watercolour painting and advice and there will be a full day off in the middle of the week for partipants to spend as they wish. Steve will probably go out painting himself on that day, if the weather is fine, and guests are more than welcome to join him if they wish. Forecasts, oracles and seaweed will all be consulted!

We’re planning dinner for everyone on the day of arrival, probably at the Isles of Scilly Golf Course, which is only five minutes walk up the hill, and where Fay and Ramsey provide excellent catering. Then we will provide dinner for everyone at Glandore on the final night before departure. Having had our own very successful guesthouse for twenty years, we have plenty of experience when it comes to good food and catering for a party.

Since we only have three apartments (two for two people and one for two/three), the maximum number of participants will be seven. We’re assuming that not every guest will want to paint so the number may well be more like four or five.

On the morning that Lois was printing out the letters ready to send, we had our first booking when some visitors, already on the list to receive details, came into the Gallery and decided there-and-then to book for the Painting Week. So we were off to a flying start!

At the time of writing, we have the first week (Friday 2nd – Friday 9th March 2012) fully booked already and are starting on our second, reserve week which will be Monday 12th to Monday 19th March 2012! If anyone is interested, we have a two person and a three person apartment free for the second week – contact us for full details on the email address (please remove the underscores and replace at with @)

Original watercolour paintings Stephen Morris 21-07-2011

Original watercolour paintings Stephen Morris 21-07-2011


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