Posted by: glandorescilly | 05/07/2020

Welcoming Visitors again!

It’s been a very strange spring here in the UK and the coronavirus epidemic has had a huge impact on the islands. Fortunately we have remained Covid-19 free but being closed for fourteen weeks has been very difficult, especially as the weather was fabulous over Easter, May Day and the late May bank holiday. Our guests were very disappointed but totally understanding (bar one booking) and we are almost fully booked for April, May and June 2021 already! Sadly, Saturday 4th July, the day Scilly opened to visitors, was foggy and quite rough so all the flights were cancelled and the boat (with only 140 passengers on board due to coronavirus restrictions) had a rather bumpy crossing.

Today, Sunday 5th July, is bright and breezy. The Scillonian did another sailing and the Skybus flew from Land’s End this morning bringing delayed passengers from yesterday. It’s a slightly scary step for the islands, having been locked down so securely for many weeks, but life must go on. It will be nice to welcome back our visitors and we, like everyone else on Scilly, will be doing everything we can to make holidaying here as secure and enjoyable as possible.

We’ve had our offspring with us for the past fourteen weeks, having arrived back on Scilly after an express dash to Birmingham via Truro over that weekend, landing on the day the lock down was declared – Monday 23rd March 2020. For a couple of months, it was like a family holiday, the whole of Glandore to spread out in since we had no guests, a garden that was crying out for some serious work and just being together was nice. But our daughter has been missing her friends and housemates and started to get a little more unsettled over the last month.

It hasn’t been easy – having our adult autistic daughter home over such a long period was always going to be challenging  …. and it was! But we have survived (relatively) unscathed and are now facing the difficult question of when to take her back to her care home in the West Midlands. So many different things have to come together and ‘be right’ for us to get away in the middle of the summer, including apartment changeovers, reduced availability of flights and having to close the Gallery while we are away. Nothing is settled yet but we have a couple of dates that might be suitable.

Today , in the meantime, she has been out to feed the ducks at the Watermill duck pond, feed a friend’s horses with carrots and apple, put the bottles in the bottle bank and washed our car. Considering how little the car has been used over the past 14 weeks, it has been cleaned regularly every Sunday and is looking very chipper!

We’ve looking forward to welcoming our first guests to the apartments on Wednesday and Thursday and it will probably be busy from then until early September if confirmations are anything to go by. We are very grateful for our lovely understanding guests and look forward to welcoming those who were forced to forgo their holidays in April, May, June and early July next year.

I’ll finish with a tranquil image of ‘Virga’ clouds taken on the 17th May just after 10.30 in the evening (not that I’ve had much time for my photography over the last fourteen weeks …)



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