Posted by: glandorescilly | 14/10/2016

Giclee prints by Stephen Morris, Isles of Scilly

After a gloriously sunny morning slid into a rather wet and miserable afternoon, here are three mounted and framed Stephen Morris giclee prints waiting in the Gallery for collection by their new owners.

Stephen Morris - 3 giclee prints

Stephen Morris – 3 giclee prints

They are going to be hung in a Hugh Town holiday let as a trio and a ‘Tower of Pebbles’ will also be going with them but mounted in terracotta for a different room. These three are actually all Porthloo paintings. From left to right they are “Oystercatchers and Pebbles, Porthloo Beach”, “Amethyst Sunset” and “North Beach, Porthloo”, all mounted in blue and framed in cream wood.

The weather has been really nice over the past few days and Stephen would really have liked to paint but he is helping our builders to construct Lois’ brand new greenhouse. It arrived flat-packed on the Gry Maritha last Friday and was delivered to us on Saturday. Now it is slowly taking shape at the bottom of the garden at Glandore, on roughly the same footprint as the Alton cedarwood greenhouse that was dismantled at the beginning of the week.

That had stood there for over 27 years, withstanding sun, rain, gales (including some ferocious storms), frost, snow (VERY occasionally!), sand, lichen, pine needles and the ‘deposits’ of our resident starlings and other birds. Sadly, it was rotting, sagging and becoming quite dangerous so Lois spent a lot of time moving tender plants up into the smaller greenhouse, crating up pots and other equipment for storage, tucking the hardier plants into sheltered parts of our garden and removing as much of the staging as possible. Then the stage was clear for the new production.

New Greenhouse October 2016

New Greenhouse October 2016

In his spare (?) time, Stephen is now working on the 2016 vintage of his cider. The Bramley trees in the garden have surrendered about half their fruit and he is well into producing his second barrel. The first is burbling away happily to itself in the workshop. Current and previous guests have been enjoying a glass or two of the 2015 vintage from the barrel in the house and pronounced it excellent. It’s very dry and VERY strong so Lois is looking forward to enjoying it mulled at Christmas 🙂


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