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I’m really sorry that I haven’t updated this blog for such a long time 😦

What with Christmas/New Year, spring cleaning, Painting Week holiday, Easter and everything else, it’s been on my ‘To Do’ list for months but I’ve simply not got round to it. Remember the novelty called ‘A Round Tuit’ that people used to give as jokey gifts? Well, I think I need one! (or several …)

So where are we right now at Glandore Gallery?

Well, the Painting Week at the beginning of March was an enormous success and I’ll be putting some photos on our website so you can see what a great time everyone enjoyed. We were fortunate with the weather which, although windy, was also sunny so painting at Carreg Dhu and at Carn Leh, Old Town, was possible. Chris Garratt of Garratt Studio next door also provided oil painting sessions for the artists. We enjoyed a fabulous dinner at the Golf Club courtesy of Fay and Ramsey who really did us proud. Now we are planning for the next Painting Week here at Glandore Gallery. It will be 1st to 8th March 2013 with the possibility of a second week if we have enough interest.

We spent a weekend in Amsterdam in February, celebrating Steve’s Mother’s eightieth birthday with family and friends from all over the UK and also from the US. It was bitterly cold – in fact the canals froze over – so the Dutch were enjoying ice skating races and concerts ON the canals which were solid with thick ice. We visited the van Gogh Museum and Steve was overwhelmed with the magnificent artwork on display, especially being able to get close enough to examine the brushwork and techniques used.

Frozen Canal in Amsterdam, February 2012

Frozen Canal in Amsterdam, February 2012

Now we are gearing up for ArtScilly 2012 which starts on Monday 12th May. Steve is doing a watercolour sketching morning on the Sunday, as he has done for the past two years, and we already have a full complement of six artists signed up for the experience. Maybe this year the ‘official Glandore photographer’ will be allowed to stalk them and take a few photographs … She was forbidden to do so last year but Steve graciously allowed her to make a Victoria sponge cake to go with the warming mugs of tea and coffee that they all enjoyed at the end of the morning 🙂

Steve spent Sunday morning on Town Beach doing ink sketches of the hustle and bustle of this year’s World Pilot Gig Championships. He did three sketches and I posted two on our Facebook page with the result that two were sold this morning and just one is remaining (image below)

Ink Sketch of the World Pilot Gig Championships on Town Beach, Sunday 06-05-2012

Ink Sketch of the World Pilot Gig Championships on Town Beach, Sunday 06-05-2012

The Gigs were blessed with a great weekend despite the weather forecast being less than promising. The sea remained pretty calm, there was sunshine and blue skies, the racing was fiercely fought and very exciting with the final result being a Double win for Falmouth, securing both the Mens and the Ladies titles. But the new Scillonian gig, Tregarthens, came in a magnificent second in the Ladies Championship – well done to the team!

On the afternoon of the final, Scilly was treated to a rare display of a Sun Halo which Lois managed to capture using a compact camera. She didn’t expect to get a decent image but it really wasn’t too bad. You can see Glandore in the left foreground which gives an idea of the size of the Sun Halo – it was huge! The sun was circled by a rainbow and a pale milky corona which was very spectacular against the blue sky just a little hazy with high clouds. It didn’t last much more than an hour and disappeared as the clouds thickened enough to obscure the sun.

Sun Halo, Isles of Scilly, 06-05-2012

Sun Halo, Isles of Scilly, 06-05-2012

I promise I’ll try to keep this blog updated better in future!


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