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NEW! website

Our Glandore Gallery website is pretty big now and tends to ‘sprawl’ a bit as sections and pages have gradually been added on to the initial build which I created in about 2007. This makes it it more difficult to navigate so I’m currently working on a major rebuild.

However, in the meantime, I’ve created a brand new website called Scilly Cards which offers our entire blank greetings card range together with a Paypal Shopping cart which enables customers to buy Glandore Gallery products online for the very first time 🙂

Here you can find both Stephen and Nan’s cards – each one illustrated on a separate page with a large image. They can be bought singly for £1 (GBP 1) per card with 50 pence postage and packing if you only want one card. However, we’re also offering our brilliant value-for-money packs of cards – five different packs of Nan Heath cards and three different packs of Stephen Morris cards. Nan’s card packs comprise five cards each while Steve’s comprise six cards each.

This is exactly the same price as you would pay in our Gallery on Scilly and represents excellent value. Each pack is £4 (GBP 4) for five/six cards and we charge £2 (GBP 2) for postage and packing. If bought in a pack, Stephen’s cards work out at an amazing 67 pence each while Nan’s work out at 80 pence each. We think you’d be hard-pressed to find cards of this quality at an equivalent price anywhere!

I’m also planning a similar website for the prints as well as being in the process of redesigning the Apartments website. Like the Gallery website, this has ‘evolved’ considerably from its first incarnation and, with the introduction of our new apartment, Slippen this spring, it’s also suffering from ‘add-on’ navigation complications.

On the personal side, we have our lovely adult autistic daughter home for a three week Easter holiday which means our day-to-day lives have to be adapted to fit her need and routines. It makes it much more difficult for Steve to get out and paint since it can be challenging for me to run the Gallery AND look after our daughter. We have to gauge her mood carefully before he leaves to paint and he has to check mobile phone reception at his chosen painting spot to ensure that I can reach him if necessary. Nonetheless, he has managed to get out to Watermill three afternoons this week where he has been painting a fabulous sea of bluebells with a background of the headland and blue sea.

Mesembryanthemum tumbling over our patio wall

Mesembryanthemum tumbling over our patio wall

The garden has been looking lovely this spring, with the white froth of pear blossom now giving way to the pink cloud of apple blossom. The bluebells are flowering underneath the trees as the daffodils and narcissi begin to fade. The brilliant and colourful Geranium Maderense is now coming into flower. This geranium species is native to the Canary Islands and flowers profusely on the islands every spring. Even the mesembryanthemums are getting in on the act with several plants in our garden putting on a brave early showing. It’s a bright and breezy day today and there’s a good forecast for the Easter weekend.

Preparations are already well in hand for the World Championship Gig Racing this weekend with the marquee being erected on the boat hardstanding next to Holgates Green.

Preparing for World Championship Gig Weekend

Preparing for World Championship Gig Weekend

Town Beach, St. Marys, Isles of Scilly 22-04-2011

Town Beach, St. Marys, Isles of Scilly 22-04-2011

This page isn’t wide enough to show the panorama of Town Beach above at full size so just click on the image and it will open on its own for you 😉


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