Posted by: glandorescilly | 16/03/2011

Supper in Slippen

Earlier this month, we decided to have friends round for supper and chose to use Slippen to see how the apartment ‘worked’. It’s always good to try and iron out any glitches before guests arrive, isn’t it?

Steve had spent two days hanging the magnificent curtains and voiles so the apartment was now looking much more ‘dressed’. Artwork was still in the pipeline but we had two of Nan Heath’s original oil paintings (bequeathed to Frank by friends) and a large watercolour of Steve’s looking up into a green and leafy tree in Old Town Churchyard as well as a giclee print of ‘Slippen’ the gig and an autumn view of Peninnis with blackberries. It was just a matter of deciding where in ‘Slippen’ they would fit and look their best.

I took some photos of ‘Slippen’ before our guest arrived so I could put them here on the blog. The final photos and website are still a work in progress (around the last of the spring cleaning and an Open University course).

Supper in Slippen

Supper in Slippen - view from bedroom door

Supper in Slippen

Supper in Slippen - view from table across lounge/dining room

Supper in Slippen

Supper in Slippen - view from patio windows towards kitchen

What did we eat, you ask? Well, I did an Artichoke and Smoky Bacon Soup with Onion batons to start, then Steve did Gammon in Coca Cola for main course with new potatoes, beans and butternut squash, then pudding was my responsibility. I did a recipe I’d never done before (which was a bit of a gamble) but it paid off – Mocha Tiramisu Cheesecake … which was delicious 🙂

Mocha Tiramisu Cheesecake

Mocha Tiramisu Cheesecake

Today we are expecting our first guests (Serica is looking sparkling and fresh) and the weather is warm and sunny with a gentle breeze. The boats on Porthloo Green are nearing the end of their winter maintenance, sporting fresh coats of paint and preparing to go back into the water for the new season. ‘Sea King’ went down a couple of days ago.

'Sea King' waiting for high tide

'Sea King' waiting for high tide on Porthloo Beach

We are also picking up some short break bookings for late March/early April. Don’t forget that it’s Walk Scilly week from 2nd to 9th April and Art Scilly week from 7th – 14th May 2011. We have some short break vacancies in all three apartments for Walk Scilly but only ‘Slippen’ is available for Art Scilly so you’ll have to be quick 🙂


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