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Spring Cleaning

It would be nice to close the doors to the Gallery and apartments at the end of October and re-open, magically spring cleaned/painted/redecorated, at the beginning of April. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen that way 😦

It usually takes us a good six weeks to complete a thorough spring clean, do any necessary painting and redecorating, replace anything broken or damaged, before finally heaving a sigh of relief when the Gallery is open and the apartments are occupied. Then we can take a breather and get into our ‘summer routine’ ….

So these are images of Glandore Gallery and Serica apartment that few customers and guests will ever see!

Yesterday the weather was kind so Lois was able to open up all the windows in the Gallery both north and south facing, to clean them from top to bottom, getting rid of the debris of the winter including dead flies and sand. Her equipment for this job includes a stepladder, a big bucket of hot soapy water, a large Jeycloth, a rough scrubbing sponge and, most importantly of all, a battery of toothbrushes to delve into the really difficult spots. Then all the hinges have to be treated when dry with silicone spray to ease and protect them.

Then Martin, who helps us with the apartments and the garden, was able to move in with a massive box of dustsheets and swathe the Gallery from end to end, preparatory to bringing in the brilliant white emulsion for the ceiling and the magnolia emulsion for the walls, a massive box full of brushes, rollers and paintpads.

Gallery spring cleaning

Spring cleaning the Gallery

More spring cleaning the Gallery

More spring cleaning for the Gallery

Yet more Gallery spring cleaning

Yet more Gallery spring cleaning

Down in ‘Slippen’, Steve has been cleaning the building dust of the winter from every nook and cranny of the kitchen which served as hub for all the alterations. It is slowly emerging from the dust, debris and junk like a butterfly from a chrysalis! No photos of this – sorry. The sight of ‘Slippen’s kitchen after The Big Conversion is not a sight we would like to inflict upon our sensitive readers ….

Finally, up in Serica, spring cleaning is also underway. The weather wasn’t kind to Lois today – wet and windy – so she couldn’t wash and clean the windows as planned. Instead she dusted coving, washed and polished the lightshades, cleaned and polished the over bed cupboards inside and out, cleaned skirting boards, wardrobe, then had to call Steve up from ‘Slippen’ to help her move the bed so she could clean underneath the bed and vacuum the carpet. Maybe if the weather is nicer tomorrow, she’ll be able to do the windows … but don’t hold your breath, it’s not looking good :\

Spring cleaning Serica's bedroom

Spring cleaning Serica's bedroom

Spring cleaning Serica's bedroom

Spring cleaning Serica's bedroom

Spring cleaning in Serica

Spring cleaning in Serica

And we haven’t even touched Golden Eagle yet, or the stairs, or the entrance hall, or the entrance lobby, or the outside steps ….

Last week we tackled the stocktaking – another winter job which takes at least a week. Just as we were about to start we took delivery of twelve thousand cards from our printers in Birmingham – three thousand each of four of Stephen’s existing cards (Tower of Pebbles, Rockpool Reflections, Porthcressa Memories and Porthloo Poppies). It took us a day just to re-organise the store rooms and put them all away. The Stephen spent three days number-crunching and battling with the Excel database and stocksheets on the computer – his favourite job ….. NOT!!!!!

Preparations are also going on behind the scenes for Stephen’s Exhibition at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens in Edgbaston in the autumn. Provisional date for the opening is the last weekend in October and it should be on for a month. Make a note in your diaries!

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