Posted by: glandorescilly | 18/01/2011

A New Year!

Hello and welcome to the Glandore and Scilly blog at the start of a new year – 2011 is here already! Well, actually it’s been here for more than a fortnight but all my good intentions to update this blog have been sidelined by other jobs.

This afternoon we had our first customers in the Gallery who were taking advantage of the most glorious calm day with blue skies and brilliant sunshine to go out for a walk. They bought some cards and we chatted about the weather.

Never has the saying “What a difference a day makes” been so true. It was absolutely horrid yesterday with a blinding flash of lightning and accompanying deafening thunderclap suddenly splitting the gloomy morning apart at about 7.30am. That was it – no more thunder and lightning – but it was certainly a rather dramatic awakening from that blissfully warm half slumber before fully coming round. It proceeded to rain almost all day, sometimes torrentially, so much so that the sound of the rain on our first floor extension roofs sounded like a dance troupe demonstrating their skills at Irish dancing!

Yet the morning dawned clear and fair, the sun rose and the day has been lovely. Everyone has been smiling apart from those hoping to travel to and from the islands by Skybus from Lands End … unfortunately the torrential rain left the grass airfield waterlogged and unsafe for flying. So Skybus has been making alternative arrangements to get its passengers to their destinations. British International Helicopters, on the other hand, has been flying normally.

Steve has been working hard outside today and the new apartment ‘Slippen’ is progressing very nicely. He’s been hanging the small blue gate and the larger seagrass green gate to enclose the small garden in front of the impressive twelve feet wide bifold windows of the lounge. As the weather was so nice, he had the windows opened to their maximum extent, giving a view of the apartment lounge with its wall-recessed flat screen TV and modern log-effect fire. With the blue and green timbers of the arbour enclosing the modern quadrant shaped patio, paved with Blue Ice paving stones and edged with planters, the whole effect was very attractive. I’m hoping to get some in progress photos of ‘Slippen’ posted online very soon. I had some photos taken back in February of 2010 and some in July of 2010 so it’s nice to see how it has all moved on over the last twelve months.

Deposit cheques are already rolling in for this season’s bookings which is always reassuring. ‘Serica’ is full booked from April 14th to September 22nd (it’s always our most popular apartment despite being so small … ‘bijou’ you might call it). ‘Golden Eagle has one vacancy for the week Thursday 26th May to Thursday 2nd June 2011 (the end of May Spring Bank holiday week) but otherwise is fully booked from April 14th to September 15th. ‘Slippen’ has already been attracting a lot of interest. Many our our regular guests wanted to see it last year as work progressed but they have been spoiled by the stunning sea views from ‘Serica’ and ‘Golden Eagle’ so only a couple of them decided to take ‘Slippen’ for 2011 (it doesn’t have a sea view but does have a lovely private garden, patio, arbour with gardening lighting, stone built barbecue and lawn). This means that we do have some vacancies at Glandore this summer.

‘Slippen’ is already booked for 20th April to 4th May (Easter), 2nd to 29th June, 5th – 13th July, 3rd to 24th August, and 31st August to 14th September. So the choicest weeks are already been taken. But there are still vacancies so, if you are interested, check out our apartments website on Glandore Apartments or give us a call on (01720) 422535 to see what we have available.

Now I’m off to take Steve a cup of coffee and admire his work 🙂


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