Posted by: glandorescilly | 10/09/2010

August – a busy month

We had a busy month in the Gallery in August.  Given that it’s the main summer holiday month and there are a lot of families holidaying on the islands, the Gallery tends to be fairly quiet but those customers who come often tend to make significant purchases. At least half a dozen original watercolours and two or three acrylic ink sketches went to new homes. Not only that but ‘Bertha’, our big Epson 4800 wide format printer, was kept busy replacing the many prints we sold during the month. We even had to order extra ink and more paper!

So Steve has been taking advantage of any nice spells of weather to get out in the open air and do some painting. The heather is always lovely in August and September and he hadn’t been to Bants Carn/Innisidgen for a while so last Sunday he headed off in that direction. It was bright but overcast so he was able to get the main outlines of the view in place and started painting the heather and hawksbit in the foreground.

Stephen painting at Bants Carn, early September

Stephen Painting at Bants Carn, early September

As it was a Sunday and the Gallery was closed, I walked over to Bants Carn to see him but the brightness was fading when I got there. Just a hint of ‘mizzle’ was in the air and Steve said that his watercolour paper was reacting to the dampness by beginning to wrinkle a little. So he placed it carefully in the custom-made hardboard folder he uses to transport paintings in progress and then packed all his paints, palette, easel, water bottle and brushes into his rucksack.

By the time he’d finished, the ‘mizzle’ was verging on drizzle and we walked back to where he’d parked the car on the road opposite the cottages at Telegraph by the Coastguard Tower. We met other islanders out walking their dogs and collecting blackberries from the hedgerows as we walked back. Soon after we got home, the drizzle became heavier and it was quite a damp evening.

Steve painting in the middle of the wildflower meadow at Bants Carn.

Steve painting in the middle of the wildflower meadow at Bants Carn.

When Steve went out painting on Wednesday afternoon to the same spot, he was working on the original painting when a fantastic heavy shower moved across from the west and just slipped past St Marys. So he grabbed another piece of paper and captured it as quickly as he could in watercolour.  The results are below – on the left the first work and on the right the quick impression of the shower cloud and silver sea.

Two unfinished watercolour paintings at Bants Carn

Two unfinished watercolour paintings at Bants Carn

He’s having to wait until he can go back to finish the first watercolour painting now. Thursday was our apartment changeover day so we were busy all day. Friday is always a busy day in the Gallery being the end of the week and people out buying gifts to take home for friends and family. Saturday is looking damp and drizzly. Sunday we’ve invited friends over for a lunchtime barbecue to take advantage of the nice sunny weather that is on the forecast. So it looks like Monday will be the next opportunity to go out and paint … he’ll just have to be patient 🙂

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