Posted by: glandorescilly | 26/08/2010

Wettest place in the UK!

Yesterday the Isles of Scilly recorded the highest rainfall in the UK for the 24 hours ending 2200 on 25 Aug 2010:

Highest rainfall    43.8     mm    Isles Of Scilly

That’s 1.725 inches (in old money, so to speak) so it wasn’t surprising that the Fire Brigade was called out to answer emergency calls due to flooding. Radio Scilly was kept busy regularly updating its radio bulletins and Facebook page to alert people  during the morning’s torrential downpour: –

Shirley Graham has called in from the police station. Some St Mary’s lanes are flooding. Council staff + Fire crew are on Telegraph Road between Sunnyside and Trewince. The floodwater is flowing down there. Police slow signs have been erected. Shirley says cars are flying around corners and splashing people. Taxis especially, please slow down. Porthloo Terrace and The Parade is waterlogged. 11.34am.

* * *

Motorists are being warned to take care of driving around St Mary’s this morning. Radio Scilly has received reports in the last half hour that the road from Sunnyside farm towards Telegraph could prove challenging for low or small vehicles with floodwater collecting over the height of number plates on some cars.

* * * * *

BREAKING TRAFFIC NEWS FROM RADIO SCILLY- the Telegraph Road by the Trewince turn is impassable for small vehicles due to flash flooding. 10.38am

* * * * *

At around 10.15 the fire crew was called out to deal with flooding outside an elderly person’s home on Buzza Street. The drains have been cleared and we understand the waters are now receding.

So quite an eventful day on the islands!


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