Posted by: glandorescilly | 01/08/2010

Ducklings growing and exploring

Well, it’s been a couple of weeks since I updated the blog and I’m pleased to report that the remaining ducklings are growing well. Unfortunately we are now down from eight to six. Two more yellow ones have failed to make it – the smallest duckling of the two clutches had been limping very badly and we guessed that probably either Lisa or Yvonne had stepped on it. We were hopeful that it might survive but it became weaker and eventually lost its fight for life. The other yellow one disappeared overnight.

Six ducklings with Lisa and Yvonne

So we are left with the little harlequin, the coffee-coloured duckling, two yellow and two dark brown – one with ‘go faster’ stripes on its face and the other with a distinctive ‘collar’ of paler feathers around his neck. They are getting much bigger and more adventurous, exploring far and wide across the garden but always ready to rush back to their Mums if they hear an alarm quack.

'Go Faster' duckling

Since the first ducklings hatched round about the 8th July,  we reckon they are about three weeks old and they have grown really fast over the past week. They are much faster than their Mums and way ahead when it comes to the race to follow Steve with the jug full of duck pellets to the feeding bowls under the apple trees. He refills their water baths every other day and they thoroughly enjoy a good splash.

Ducklings a-swimming

They are quite a  hit with visitors to the Gallery who stop to watch them and take photos 🙂 They are starting to visit the pond and also venture out onto Porthloo Green so we are expecting them to join their friends and extended families down the road shortly. We’ll be sorry to see them go but hope that some of them might return next spring.



  1. Hi Lois
    Just found your info about the ducks and I am getting very excited at the thought of seeing them next week either there or on the pond.

  2. Such cute ducklings!!
    and I love your beautiful header!
    Ronelle (from Africantapestry

  3. Hi Helen, it will be nice to see you on Thursday – fingers crossed for some nice weather!

    Thanks, Ronelle. The ducklings are very popular and are very much photographed. The header is one of Stephen’s watercolour paintings, done from the top of the hill overlooking the harbour and Hugh Town on The Garrison.

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