Posted by: glandorescilly | 17/07/2010

Update on ducklings

Our ducklings are dwindling 😦  We lost four yesterday (Friday) morning. There was no evidence but one of our guests mentioned seeing what might have been a hawk (probably a kestrel) hovering over our garden early in the morning. Since the ducklings are not very bright and are now brave enough to wander far and wide across our open expanse of grass, it’s not surprising that a hawk found easy pickings. Below is the last photo I took of the thirteen ducklings together.

Thirteen ducklings with Lisa and Yvonne

We went out for dinner at Dibble and Grub last night and had a wonderful meal (as usual). Since our car is very small, it will only take four people comfortably and we were five for dinner. So Steve and Simon walked in while I took the car with Mum-in-Law and Joy. When we returned at 9pm, I slowed down on the approach to the duckpond, remarking that there were two white ducks on the road ahead. Then we saw they were accompanied by a little group of ducklings and realised that Lisa and Yvonne had taken their combined family from our garden to the duckpond. We were very sad and so were Steve and Simon when they returned shortly afterwards.

However, this morning Steve went out, more in hope than anything, to see if they might have returned …. and they had! There was Lisa and Yvonne and … eight ducklings … so another one was lost in the night. To our delight the little harlequin and the coffee-coloured duckling were still there but we are down to five yellow and one dark brown.

Eight ducklings with Lisa and Yvonne

The photo below was taken during the heavy downpours on Thursday – the ducklings found the puddles on our drive to be so much fun 🙂

Puddle Ducklings

Finally, our little brown duckling enjoying the warmth of the sun on the grass underneath the apple trees.

Brown Duckling enjoying the sunshine

They are growing fast and have impressive appetites so we are hoping they continue to thrive 🙂


  1. I love these updates!

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