Posted by: glandorescilly | 01/07/2010

Rain … at last!

After many MANY days with only a few derisory large wet spots from occasional grey clouds, we are finally receiving the rain we so desperately need here on the islands 🙂

It was raining lightly this morning when the taxi arrived to collect the first of our departing visitors at 8am. We got a bit damp standing in the drive waving as they left but nothing much. Our second departures left at about 11am for a flight to Bristol which we think got away OK. It was raining heavier by then and we got quite wet. The first arrivals were delayed on the helicopter but only about half an hour and the second arrivals were on the Scillonian III which isn’t affected by visibility. Although it does have to sound its horn at regular intervals when approaching or departing the islands in fog just to warn any smaller boats that it is in their vicinity.

So we had a full complement out, a full complement in and four hours of solid cleaning behind us by lunchtime which was great. As it’s a Thursday and the forecast for tomorrow is OK, we also had a rush of end-of-week purchasers in the Gallery which meant that Steve didn’t get his lunch till 2.45pm while I grabbed mine just before 2pm. He sold two original watercolour paintings this week so is pretty chuffed.

Visibility deteriorated significantly in the early afternoon and all flights were suspended due to safety regulations. The airport on the hill disappeared into a thick shroud of white, the other islands gradually merged into the fog and the rain became heavier and heavier. I had to walk into town to post a letter and got thoroughly soaked through my light waterproof jacket. My trousers, T-shirt and socks are now drying over a chair in the dining room.

On my way out of town at about 3.30pm, I saw a lot of people heading towards the quay to catch the boat and several taxis shuttling airline passengers from the airport down to the quay. Just after 4.30pm, Scillonian III backed slowly away from the quay, turned round and headed out, disappearing into the thick fog in less than a hundred metres. She’ll arrive in Penzance at about 7pm this evening after a two and a half hour voyage.

The funniest thing I saw today was Lisa and Yvonne, our White Ladies, enjoying the heavy rain and rapidly-spreading puddles as only ducks can. They raced (waddled at top speed) excitedly around on the lawn, dipping, preening, drinking from fresh rainwater puddles, quacking, standing on tippy-webbed feet and flapping their wings vigorously and generally being quite ecstatic … before returning to their respective nests.

Just before dinner, I donned wellies and waterproof to head down to the greenhouse at the bottom of the garden. I made sure that all the watering cans in the greenhouse were full and checked on the waterbutts which are filling up at a gratifying speed due to the heaviness of the rain. I removed the watering saucers from beneath the lilies, roses and fuchsias because they were already an inch deep in rainwater. I could have sworn I heard the grass sighing with pleasure and wriggling its metaphorical toes 🙂

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