Posted by: glandorescilly | 22/05/2010

Work in Progress May 2010

It’s been an odd week weather-wise. We’ve had both thick fog and light mist … and everything in between. Steve was within one session of completing a large painting from the balcony of the Golf Club high on the hill overlooking Porthloo but he needed a bright afternoon. Finally, yesterday (Friday) afternoon, the weather cleared and we had brilliant sunshine and blue skies. Straight after lunch he loaded his rucksack and table into the car and headed up the hill to finish the painting.

Stephen's easel showing work in progress

Over lunch today, he mentioned that a man had come out onto the balcony to look over his shoulder at the painting yesterday afternoon and made a comment that he hadn’t got the sky right. Stephen patiently explained that the painting had already taken three sessions onsite and that the sky had been painted on the first day when there were a lot of clouds in the sky. By the time this painting is complete, it’s likely that twenty hours or more of work will be embodied in it. You don’t paint a work this size in a couple of hours!


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