Posted by: glandorescilly | 22/05/2010

‘Scilly Seasons’ at Glandore May 2010

This year saw the first ‘ArtScilly’ week which ran from 8th – 15th May, following in the successful footsteps of ‘WalkScilly’ week which took place at the end of March. Themed weeks, attractions and events in the shoulder season are usually pretty good for bringing visitors to Scilly at quieter times. It’s taken ‘WalkScilly’ three years to get into its stride and this year it was dogged by bad weather and cancelled events but most visitors still came through with smiles, saying they’d enjoyed themselves. ‘ArtScilly’ was a great idea but suffered a bit because it was organised quite late, consequently publicising the event was going on even as the event itself got under way. Nevertheless, it has potential to be an interesting week and, if planning and organisation is undertaken earlier next year, it could become as successful as ‘WalkScilly’. Mind you, we’ve heard it said that organising ‘artistic personalities’ can be as thankless a task as herding cats …

As our contribution to ‘ArtScilly 2010’, we decided to mount a small version of Stephen’s very successful ‘Scilly Seasons’ Exhibition which was held at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens and Glasshouses in Edgbaston, Birmingham, during the month of April 2009. We chose two prints from each season and put up a display showing the islands in summer, autumn, winter and spring, together with the eyecatching Display Key that Stephen had created for his original Exhibition. This shows all thirty one paintings, each with a short description, accompanied by maps indicating where each work was painted on the islands. There were also two paintings of Moorcroft Road in Moseley, Birmingham, which was where Steve’s parents had lived for many years.

Scilly Seasons

Display Key and all eight prints

Autumn and Winter

Stephen also offered an informal sketching ramble on the Sunday morning and enjoyed taking four enthusiastic participants onto the local beach for some simple pen-and-ink sketching. He introduced them to the versatile Brush Pen and Water Pen which gives an interesting added dimension to monochrome sketches and hopes to repeat this informal outdoor workshop again for next year’s ‘ArtScilly’.

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