Posted by: glandorescilly | 22/05/2010

Dramatic airlift from cruise liner ‘Braemar’

The islands saw some drama today when an Air-Sea rescue helicopter arrived to circle and then hover over the anchored cruise liner ‘Braemar’ which had sailed into in The Roadstead this morning. Apparently an unfortunate lady on the liner had fallen and damaged her hip onboard so Falmouth coastguard had been called at 8.30am. They alerted the helicopter and sent it over to Scilly to transfer the injured lady to hospital on the mainland.

Since our Gallery looks directly out over The Roadstead to Samson, Bryher and Tresco, we had a good view of the dramatic happenings.

Air-Sea rescue helicopter hovering over the 'Braemar'

Later, Radio Scilly’s Facebook feed carried the following announcement:

A second RNAS Culdrose helicopter call out to the cruise ship Braemar this afternoon at around 3pm. A woman was taken off with a hip injury in the morning and, then an 80 year old male was taken unwell. He had previously had a heart attack, so they thought it best to get him to Treliske.

So it’s been an eventful day!

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